Animal testing

We like animals just the way they are and don’t think they look particularly good in make-up. Even if they did we still wouldn’t test our products on them.*

The majority of our products are also classed as vegetarian and vegan friendly (not that you should be eating make-up anyway but if you did you wouldn’t find any animal bits in there).**

* The nature of the cosmetics industry in years gone by means that some ingredients were tested on animals before they were officially approved for cosmetics use, many years ago. For this reason we cannot guarantee that there are no ingredients that have not at some point been tested on animals. We CAN however assure our customers that NONE of our ingredients have been tested on animals since we have been around (since 2005).

** some of our products are not vegan and vegetarian friendly so please refer to each individual product page for further info or drop us an email if you have any questions.